the long-overdue post on my weekend in NYC


somewhere just below Bleecker Street. I fell in love with the varying colors of the buildings


photo 3-1

chalk art in Washington Square Park. (taken with an iphone)

photo 4

a rather cliche touristy photo, but still necessary. @ Washington Square Park (taken with an iPhone)


the hotel I stayed at (The Jane) was, obviously, on Jane Street. Thus, my photo of the street sign.


Jane Street was lined with cute little cars like this one.

& now I need to apologize ahead of time for the series of terrible-quality photos that are to follow; I got lazy with taking out my camera and resorted entirely to my iPhone… never.again.

photo 5-2EDIT

Inside the lobby of The Jane. It had a very cool old French/Moroccan/Titanic-era vibe all mixed into one.


photo 4-2

my breakfast @ Cafe Gitane (inside The Jane hotel). a cappuccino & an almond croissant

photo 4-4

my Kenneth Cole loafers that were glued to my feet for the entire weekend. ridiculously comfortable!


I’ll give you a quick breakdown of the Her Campus National Intercollegiette Conference, which was my entire reason for spending the weekend in the city in the first place. At the conference on July 27, writers & editors from Her Campus college branches across the country gathered to listen to speakers/panels from magazine/fashion industry professionals and insiders. For example, above is Josie Natori (designer) and four entry-level editors from national publications (Glamour, Country Living, etc.) They all came to give us college “journalists” great tips and the opportunity to network.

Also, being a part of Her Campus and going to the conference has endless other perks. We all (100+ of us) received awesome goodie bags upon arrival, which included stuff like nail polish, perfume samples, a People StyleWatch magazine, etc etc etc. PLUS a free catering coupon (that feeds 20 people) from Chipotle! How amazing is that?

Essentially, we got tons of free stuff and were given the chance to make connections with already-established people in the magazine world. Perfection.

& now for the absolute highlight of my day: I MET A COSMO EDITOR, and she was absolutely fabulous! I’m planning my questions carefully to include in an email to her very soon…

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 10.47.34 PM

Do I sound like a crazy fan girl?


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