easy DIY decor

I’m back at St. Mike’s! Junior year has officially begun, and before getting too swamped with work, I decided to actually take the time to do a few of the DIY projects I’ve pinned on Pinterest



The colorful printed paper flags are strung on pink ombre yarn and hung around my entire room. I used a $5 book of scrapbooking paper from Walmart to cut the triangle shaped flags from.




In addition to adding decor just for the sake of covering the walls, I decided to make a few of the pieces functional as well. The sunglasses frame (above) and jewelry hooks (below) are a great way to show off your favorite accessories, keep them organized, and also add some flair to the wall!

Above: picture frame and copper wire from Walmart – $15 total

(FYI – I used duct tape to attach the copper wire to the back of the frame. Simple and cheap!)



Command hooks are a life saver in college. When I saw these clear-backed metal hooks, I knew they would be perfect for displaying my favorite necklaces.




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