4 weeks, 4 words

I’ve been in South Africa for 4 weeks now, and in all honesty, I never want to leave. For a complete look at all of my adventures, check out my other blog here! But for now, I’ll sum up my experience thus far in 4 words…

1. Friends. Everyone in my AIFS program and all of the others we’ve met have been so incredibly nice, which makes this whole study abroad experience just that much better.


2. Wine. The Stellies/South Africans love their wine, and I’m beginning to enjoy it more and more.

DSC_0045 DSC_0063

3. Inequality. I won’t go into the details (read more on my other blog), but the inequality within and among racial groups here in South Africa is actually the worst in the world. It’s shocking and confusing to constantly see this, even just walking across town.


4. Sunshine. The sun is always always shining – which makes for a slight sunburn but a lot of constant smiles.



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