“reflect your style” with One Kings Lane


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How you decorate your home is quite defining of personal style; I feel that fashion and home decor go hand in hand .

I was recently contacted by the home decor retailer, One Kings Lane, to do a collaboration for their “Reflect your Style” campaign. The theme? You dream vanity. I’m actually quite in love with the scheme I’ve put together above, with different hues of pink and pops of gold – the bright, chic mood that’s perfect for a vanity space!

1. The centerpiece of any vanity is the mirror (check out their entire selection here), so I went with their “vevey” oversized mirror in a champagne/gold finish to stand out amongst the softer colors. It has just enough shape on the top to balance out its squared-off bottom, and considering the size, it is perfect as a focus piece for the entire design.

2. The space needs something a little “out there” to catch the eye, and this white & gold stag head does just that. It’s a relatively modern piece that I wouldn’t ordinarily choose, but it works so well with the overall color scheme that I couldn’t resist throwing it in to stand out.

3. This gold men’s Fossil watch is my absolute favorite statement accessory (that I just snagged from TJMaxx for only $60!) that just happens to fit well with its gold luster. I’d place it on the acrylic tray (8) with the Essie polishes (6) and style books.

4 | 5 | 6. The soft pink Diptyque candle adds a bit of color and obviously sweet aroma to the area | I’m completely in love with these acrylic chairs from Sears, very clean and modern, not taking away from any of the other standout pieces but definitely still chic | I would choose to display a few of my favorite Essie colors (these obviously coordinating with the design colors.)

7. If there’s one thing I need in a room, it’s flowers; there’s nothing more beautiful or cheery than a freshly-cut bouquet of your favorites. Would you believe that these sweet rose blooms are fake? I went with the hot pink fully bloomed roses rather than a softer pink just for a bit more pop. With silk petals, these flowers look and would even feel rather life-like.

8. This West Elm acrylic tray goes well with the clear chair, and doesn’t take away from any of the items in it. Again, I love the modern acrylic pieces!

9. Adding a touch of fashion to the vanity space, I’ve chosen two books to be placed in the acrylic tray – simply as statement pieces if nothing else.

10. Lastly, this Oliver Gal abstract print is such a perfect, bold mix of pinks and metallic accents that it completely speaks for itself.

I’m quite excited to actually purchase some of these items when it comes time to decorate my own place next year. One Kings Lane has a really wonderful selection of furniture and decor pieces (some vintage items, as well!), so even if you know your decor style or are still in search of that perfect source of inspiration, you can sign up to be a member of One Kings Lane here.


(post collaboration for One Kings Lane “Reflect Your Style” campaign – all opinions are my own)


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